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Our story...

Taking tradition from Ireland to Canada
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 Loved and Kneaded is a small batch bakery specialising in traditional Irish home baked goods. We are currently based in North Vancouver BC.


We are combining traditional Irish baking techniques and secrets with local BC ingredients. We think it's a magical combination!


But you should try some of our amazing goodies and see for yourself...!

My name is Sarah Elliott Gannon. I am from Dublin, Ireland. I moved to Vancouver, Canada with my partner Jack and our two cats Otto and Tabatha in 2015.


I have always loved cooking, and I especially remember making fruit scones with my Nanny Doris when I was a little girl.


I work as a cafe manager and I am also a cellist. 

Making traditional breads and scones makes me feel closer to my mum, my two sisters and my nephew who all live in Ireland. I am lucky to have the endless love, support and encouragement of my partner Jack

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